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Today is a new day

Today is the first day of September and the first day of a new academic year. For most teachers in England they would be returning to school to partake in INSET days across the country and reconnect with colleagues.

This is traditionally the day where my adrenalin goes through the roof! Since I became Deputy back in 2007 I have always been excited by the first day back to school. I love leading training and passing on that enthusiasm and passion for the year to come, whatever #challenges we faced as a team.

The night before was all about the butterflies! The dreaded ‘can I do this?’ feeling and the weird and wonderful dreams! It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been teaching but you always have those first day nerves. And the fact that you worry about being a good #teacher, always tells me you already are!

This was the first year in 20 years that I haven’t attended or led INSET day in school. I spent the day with family and practicing the school run with my youngest, but at the back of mind I was thinking about all of my ex colleagues and what they were discussing. That opportunity for reflection, review and re-connection was so priceless. That adrenalin fuels you for the term to come.

This year #leaders will have more than the normal to cope with but I hope the excitement is still rushing through their veins.

I can’t wait to connect with educational leaders and discuss their goals for the year. I am looking forward to helping schools progress and develop during the new academic year. I am looking forward to #coaching headteachers across the county to reach their potential as #values based leaders.

I’ve said it before but schools are #joyful places and I feel privileged to be a part of our education system.

Wishing everyone good luck for the term ahead!

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