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'Out of the mouths of babes,' Psalms 8:2

When a child says something that seems too wise for someone of their age we are often surprised at how their limited experiences could allow them to have such foresight. But usually 'out of the mouths of babes' aligns with a sense or a feeling that we have already had ourselves, but not yet awakened to its meaning. This was the start of a new path for me back in the autumn of 2018. I had the privilege of teaching one of my favourite year groups, children aged 9 and 10, who are learning about themselves on a daily basis and beginning to identify in each other their values. Part way through the lesson a child said to me "Miss, I've never seen you so happy". At first I felt proud that my love of teaching and passion for education was shining through in this lesson and that the children could feel it. But later, on reflection, I realised that it meant in many other aspects of my daily role I did not emit that joy. Over the next year I was privileged to work alongside a number of colleagues through values based education that enabled me to re-evaluate my career and my life. Developing a 'Lifelong Love of Learning' is our school motto and one that I truly believe in. We should never stop learning; about ourselves, about the world around us and about what we value. I am looking forward to helping you start the next chapter of your life and identify your goals and aspirations.

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