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What does a Strong Leader look like?

What does strength mean to you? Do you envisage physical strength? Do you see dogged determination? Do you feel empowered when thinking about strength?

Strength comes in many forms, and in leadership you need a strength in your decisions, a strength in your emotions and a strength in your team. As a strong leader you do not put down those around you to make yourself stand out, or be heard. A strong leader lifts their team to shine bright! If you have strength in your character and your values, then you will feel secure in your role. You will not need to belittle or bemoan others and their decisions. Being true to yourself about your skills and areas of knowledge will enable others to SEE that strength in you.They will trust you. And from trust comes a strong relationship, one where they want to be guided by you and support your plans to improve.

But what happens when we don't feel strong? I am a reflective leader. I take my time to consider options, to do my own research and to really think about the best course of action. Sometimes, others would see my quiet contemplation as inaction, or acceptance. Being strong, for me, wasn't about being the loudest person in the room. It wasn't about telling everyone near and far, about what I was doing or what I thought. Strength was finding that 'why' and then knowing what I was going to do, and how I would get there.

I never really got to a final destination! Because my journey always evolved and changed course as we went! But the fact that I didn't stop moving (no matter how small the steps) was a sign of my strength. We can often feel like we are battling against the strongest wind, hail, snow, thunder and lightning! All of the world's extreme weathers baring down on us from various agencies. And whilst they may wear us down, they may put a boulder in our path, we find the strength, the courage and the determination to keep moving forward, as there are many wonderful young people and amazing educators who rely on our strength to be their strength. Stronger Together. Always.

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